"The not-so-lost art of the show tune is something of a thriving subculture. With a burnished tone and smartly deployed vibrato, Anne Kerry Ford continues to carry the torch with passion and precision. Her milieu is all about the clean, improvisation-free expression of tunes. Her second CD, "Something Wonderful," is just out on the LML Music label, and, like her debut of last year, it's a solid, no-nonsense showcase for American songs, suitable for listeners of all ages and genre tastes.

The production aesthetic here is simple but effective, a good vehicle for empathetic vocal treatments. Mostly, she is joined by her keyboardist-accompanist, John Boswell, with occasional guest appearances by noted blues-jazz guitarist Robben Ford on acoustic guitar, bassist Nico Abondolo...using arco for a cello-like effect...and accordionist Brian Mann.

Since committing to explore American song in the last few years, Ford has been performing in clubs and cabarets, including the Gardenia Room in Hollywood and the Triad in Manhattan, where she performed last month. The intimacy of the supper-club atmosphere is captured in two tunes recorded live in San Francisco's Plush Room.

The conceptual thread this time has to do with the creative lineage extended from the venerable Oscar Hammerstein to the younger Stephen Sondheim, who have a sturdier connection than might be expected. The set is framed by two Sondheim songs..."Something's Coming" from "West Side Story" and "With So Little To Be Sure Of" from "Anyone Can Whistle." Hammerstein tunes such as "Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'", "Edelweiss" and the album's title track, if more sentimental than Sondheim, have a comparable blend of sophistication and warmth."

-Joseph Woodard, L.A. Times 11/27/98