"For Anne Kerry Ford, it's the many faces of love, the joy to be taken in simply being alive, and the passing of knowledge and inspiration between generations that constitute something wonderful. Certainly, the very clever choice of songs on this album goes a long way to amplifying the notion that Oscar Hammerstein and Stephen Sondheim are linked by a genius for expressing the everyday commonplaces as well as the grandest flights of fantasy through song...Ford's refusal to grandstand is consistent...The effect is to create a quieter ( more feminine?) expression of joie de vivre and light up a new avenue of meaning passing from Oscar Hammerstein to new generations. There's definitely something wonderful in that... Ford's artistry lies in her absolute lack of artifice. Through conveying to us so openly her sense of wonder at loving, learning and simply being, she has added her own little something wonderful to life and our journey through it."

- Steven Wells, "Cabaret Showcase Online"