"Spectacular and influential cabaret stars Andrea Marcovicci and Julie Wilson must make room for Anne Kerry Ford. Last year Ford wowed audiences with her gorgeous, stunningly rich soprano tones as she illuminated the songs of Sondheim and Hammerstein. Now those fortunate to see her at The Gardenia this Monday will be part of the development of her Kurt Weill revue, in which this magnificent singer reaches to the bottom of her vocal range to pull out emotional moments that soar beyond cabaret into moving theater. Weill is best known for his collaborations with Bertolt Brecht, especially "The Threepenny Opera" and "Happy End" from which she culls her most hard-hitting numbers, "Pirate Jenny" and "Surabaya Johnny". But Ford demonstrates the remarkable range of the great German composer, who also worked with American wordsmiths Ira Gershwin, Alan J Lerner, Langston Hughes, Ogden Nash and others to create some delightfully lighthearted and romantic music, as well as the hefty morality plays that are the Brecht songs. What Ford captures in Weill's music, even in his lightest vein, is an inherent pain, which she translates with a fine actor's dexterity. This workshop performance is in preparation for her upcoming radio and television broadcast with the West German Radio Orchestra, celebrating Weill's centennial- the event will also be recorded as a CD..."

Tom Provenzano, "L.A. Weekly" 1/14/00