Take a bit of Broadway musical drama, add in soft rock, along with original symphonic instrumentals, passionate poetry and even some sounds of Stravinsky, and the result is this highly eclectic cabaret piece that remarkably comes together with subtle beauty and a hint of sadness. This strange hybrid combines the talents of jazz guitar hero Robben Ford and his wife, Broadway performer Anne Kerry Ford, whose glorious voice has graced the Cinegrill several times... A large portion of the evening belongs to Anne, who brings new life to several Broadway melodies, but her choices of moving, yearning songs like "Soon It's Gonna Rain" from "The Fantastiks" and "Something's Coming" from "West Side Story" blend in terrifically with the near folk style of the rest of the show. Ultimately, the treat here is the absolute respect these artists show each of the styles as they put it all together."

Thomas Provenzano "Cabaret Pick of the Week" L.A. Weekly 9/2/99