"Singer Anne Kerry Ford began a varied set of material at The Cinegrill with "Something's Coming," accompanied by her pianist and Musical Director, John Boswell. The evening was devoted to the music of Hammerstein and Sondheim and Ford wad ready for all of it. She was relaxed on stage, comfortable with the nearly-full room of fans, chatty and funny. She followed with Hammerstein's "If I Loved You," sung in a soft, breathy voice. Her clear, bell-like voice grew louder and stronger at the end of the tune. She sang the next tune in a humorous Betty-Boop-like voice, with snappy accompaniment by Boswell. "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" was sung in a dramatic way, as Ford emoted a sense of wonder. Ever the actress, she turned on a dime, for the sultry "Sooner or Later," as she sat perched on the piano. The humorous "Worst Pies in London" (from Sweeney Todd) was well done, as was "Vodka," by Oscar Hammerstein. Ford uses her comedic talent to sell these songs well.

Ford got totally into the core of "Johanna," a gorgeous tune that I had never heard before. "All Through The Day" was another charmer. "Don't Ever Leave Me" was sheer poetry, the lyrics so simple yet so heartfelt, segued into "Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine." The crowd responded enthusiastically to Ford's set. The final tune was "Being Alive" by Sondheim.

Luckily, cabaret is alive and well, and Ford should easily rise to the top with her elegant and versatile voice, attractive stage presence and keen ear for material. I can't praise Boswell enough; he is so attuned to Ford's every nuance that she gets superb support. Ford works hard with each tune, but like the pro that she is, it doesn't show. She seems born to be on a stage and I hope that one day someone will write something great for her. She's more than ready for stardom. Catch her the next time she's in town for a first-rate display of vocal talent."

Myrna Daniels L.A. Jazz Scene 6/98