"The first thing I noticed about "Something Wonderful" was that the musical accompaniment didn't fight with Anne Kerry Ford's very pleasant tones. Rather, the arrangements by John Boswell seemed to allow her voice to float over an unobtrusive musical bed, giving us the opportunity to listen without distraction to her warm, lyrical sound. It is obvious by the way Ford traverses a lyric that she is a trained actress bursting with emotion or waxing wistful when a lyric demands more than mere words. Her music is her pallet and her voice the brush. She is a painter of pictures and her art is never lovlier than on "Don't Ever Leave Me" which is tied with "Can't Help Lovin'That Man". In all of the twelve tracks in "Something Wonderful" there is not a single "sour" note of any kind. It is, in fact a delightful CD."

Gil Ellis WLIM 1580AM (4/9/99)