"She has filled a CD with a program of songs from the hands of Oscar Hammerstein and Stephen Sondheim. The fun of the Ford version lies in the fact that Anne, who has a warm voice, gives this material a new meaning without the usual mannerism of the semi-classically trained voices we normally hear in this genre. In a natural way, she transforms these musical-songs into real songs with a purpose in their own right; one does not need the context of the musical's story to appreciate them. Husband Robben plays guitar in the backing, but isn't musical director. That's in the hands of John Boswell, who chose a modest approach. No orchestra, no choir, only the beautiful voice of Anne Kerry Ford supported by piano, guitar, bass, cello, accordian and oboe, with a touch of percussion. Because of this retrained approach, the album never crosses the thin line in this genre between music and kitch."

- Rene de Cocq, Apeldoornse Courant, Netherlands 3/6/99