For the most part, when people think of Kurt Weill, the thoughts are generally of serious, dramatic creations. But there's so much more to his work, something Anne Kerry Ford proves sensationally on her simply titled "Weill". Kicking off with an irresistible mix of sultriness and coquettish charm on "I'm a Stranger Here Myself", Ford puts together an hour-plus program that mixes some of Weill's better-known titles with a healthy dose of those more rarely heard, and she and arrangers Roger Kellaway and John Boswell craft outstanding presentations of the works, whether it's the grand, epic storytelling sweep of "pirate Jenny", which Ford delivers in a tour-de-force that's a stunner, or the restrained simplicity and rich tenderness of Ford's vocal backed by Boswell's rich piano. Combining live recordings with the WDR Big Band at Philharmonic Hall in Cologne, Germany, with studio creations- and were it not for the applause at the end of the live selections, one would be hard-pressed to separate them-Ford's warm voice works wonders with Weill's melodies while her considerable acting talent conveys the stories and emotions of lyricists Ira Gershwin, Bertolt Brecht and others. One feels the desperation and anger in "Lonely House" and regret and resignation in "It Never Was You", and then there's the playfulness of "Tschaikowsky" and "Tango Ballad" (with guest Brian Lane Green). But whatever the style of Weill's music or the story the song tells, Ford shines throughout this impressive and wonderfully satisfying collection"

Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes Magazine, Nov. 2006