Track listing
1."I'm a Stranger Here Myself"
2."My Ship"
3. "Lonely House"
4. "Pirate Jenny"
5. "Tango Ballad" w/ Brian Lane Green
6. "One Life to Live"
7. "Solomon Song"
8. "Youkali"
9. "Tschaikowsky"
10. "Song of the Rhineland"
11. "Progress" w/ John Boswell
12. "It Never Was You'"
13. "Surabaya Johnny"
14. "Listen to My Song"
15. "Lost in the Stars"

The music of Kurt Weill
Recorded live with WDR Big Band, Cologne, Germany
Arranged and conducted by Roger Kellaway
Additional musicians
Guitar: Robben Ford
Piano: John Boswell
Cello: Vanessa Freebairn-Smith
Trumpet: William Artope
Woodwinds: Dan Higgins, Gary Meek
Vocals: John Boswell, Brian Lane Green
Engineered and Mixed by Walter New
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Actress/singer Anne Kerry Ford has been passionate about Kurt Weill's music since appearing with Sting in "The Threepenny Opera" on Broadway, so performing and recording with the famed WDR Big Band in Cologne,Germany's Philharmonic Hall under the musical direction of legendary arranger/musician Roger Kellaway was a dream-come-true. In "Weill", she presents fifteen songs from Kurt Weill's German and American songbooks, (as well as the French "Youkali", sung here in rarely heard English translation), holding her own in front of the mighty sound of WDR's brilliant 28 pieces. Included are several intimate arrangements: the humorous "Tango Ballad" duet with Broadway singer Brian Lane Green as well as the lovely ballads "My Ship", "It Never Was You" and "Lost in the Stars". "Weill" was produced by her husband Robben Ford, who is also featured on guitar. " A glorious and fascinating new celebration of one of the greatest 20th-century songwriters....a dazzling addition to the Weill discography."
- Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara Independent

The song "Pirate Jenny" (from "Weill") was chosen by USA TODAY's Elysa Gardner to be in the "weekly playlist" (11/13/06). Gardner wrote: "Ford brings memorable sturm und drang to the Kurt Weill/Bertolt Brecht classic."

"This magnificent singer reaches to the bottom of her vocal range to pull out emotional moments that soar beyond cabaret into moving theater... Ford demonstrates the remarkable range of the great German composter, who also worked with American wordsmiths Ira Gershwin, Alan J. Lerner, Langston Hughes, as well as the hefty morality plays that are the Brecht songs. What Ford captures in Weill's music, even in his lightest vein, is an inherent pain, which she translates with a fine actor's dexterity."
- L.A. Weekly

Track listing
1. "Something's Coming"
2. "Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'"
3. "All Through The Day"
4. "The Miller's Son"
5. Medley:
"Edelweiss"/ "Goodbye For Now"
6. Medley:
"Two Little People/ If I Loved You"
7. "Not A Day Goes By"
8. "Something Wonderful"
9. Medley:
"Don't Ever Leave Me"/ Can't Help Lovin' That Man"
10. "Being Alive"

Live Encores From the Plush Room
11. "Bill"
12. "With So Little To Be Sure Of"

Produced by Robben Ford & John Boswell
M.B. Gordy: percussion
Nico Abondolo: bass
Gianna Abondolo: cello

Brian Mann: accordion
Joyce Kelley: oboe
Robben Ford: guitar
John Boswell: piano and synthesizers
All arrangements by John Boswell

On "Something Wonderful", Anne presents fresh, passionate re-interpretations of some of the greatest songs  ever written for the theater by Oscar Hammerstein and Stephen Sondheim with a uniquely feminine and modern perspective.  The recording traces the poignant journey of a love affair, with the vulnerability, pain, joy and fullness that goes along with love, which despite it's challenges is indeed "something wonderful." The title also suggests the powerful influence on Sondheim by his mentor and refers to the depth and profundity of both the relationship and the songs themselves.

The warm, personal arrangements are by acclaimed composer/pianist John Boswell.  He was able to share his artistic vision as co-producer on this recording with world renowned guitarist and four-time Grammy nominee, Robben Ford.

SOMETHING WONDERFUL will appeal to lovers of the music theater as well as to cabaret audiences looking for new treatments of these classic songs.  The recording also features two live encores from Anne's appearance at San Francisco's Plush Room.

Track listing
1. "Speak Low"
2. "The Folks Who Live On The Hill"
3. Medley:
"A Kiss To Build A Dream On"/ "When I Grow Too Old To Dream"
4. "Two For The Road"
5. "I Know I Am But Summer To Your Heart"
6. "Lazy Afternoon"
7. "Never Gonna Dance"
8. "You Go To My Head"
9. Medley:
"Ain't Misbehavin'"/ "What A Little Moonlight Can Do"
10. "What's The Use Of Wond'rin'?"
11. Medley:
"Try To Remember"/ Monologue / "I Remember"
12. "For All We Know"

Produced by Robben Ford
Michele Brourman: piano
Tom Brechtlein: percussion
David Speltz: cello
Robben Ford: guitar
Chuck Domanico: bass
Jon Crosse: clarinet
Chris Symer: bass
special guest, pianist Roger Kellaway

New York's Village Voice describes Anne's debut CD as "All soprano, pure and simple...What's sophisticated is her taste, which runs towards standards like "Lazy Afternoon" and the insinuating Jerome Kern/Dorothy Field "Never Gonna Dance." And the L.A. Times calls it "An impressive debut CD... a polished production... Simply a celebration of the American popular songbook." 

The recording features legendary pianist Roger Kellaway and four-time Grammy nominee, guitarist Robben Ford.

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